Saturday, November 7, 2009

My Screws are Coming Out

It has been a long time since I posted an update on here, but it has been a hectic time lately. Ripken is doing excellent after his knee surgery (he is tough like me, and heals quickly like me) and Armstrong had another bladder surgery but both are now recovered so it is time for me to finish step 3 of the 3 step hip process.

I am going in Monday to have all 8 screws on both sides taken out. Normally Dr Peters doesn't take them out, but I asked him to because I can feel them sometimes and I don't like that. I told him when I saw hime at my 2 week follow up after the first pao that I want them out so he has been prepared. He told me he wants them in for a year before they come out, but that was also negotiable. I decided to wait until now so he can do both sides at once, but it has only been 10 months for the left side. He is doing it early so I don't miss any of the ski season. I bought new skis and plan to be on the slopes in a few weeks trying them out.

I will be so happy to have this whole thing done. It seem slike I just had the first surgery,but it has been quite a while. I had both knees done after the hips so after 4 major surgeries in 17 months I plan to be done and just let myself heal. I am not nervous about this surgery at all, but I am excited because it is the end. I can't wait. I will post when I get home on Monday, and may even have pictures. Oh, and I am keeping my screws.

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