Sunday, August 2, 2009

Ripken's a Bad Patient Also

Ripken is now 4 days post tplo knee surgery and he is as bad of a patient as I am. His surgery is actually very similar to a pao, but it is in his knee. They cut the tibial bone so the angle is better then rotate it and put a plate and 6 screws in the knee. I can handle that I am a bad patient because that is my choice, but I am struggling with how bad Ripken is. For 8 weeks he can only go out on leash walks and for now I have to use either his harness or a sling under his hips to support him. The first day home, with me holding the harness and him being stoned, he tried to chase a cat. I talked to the vet and we decided he needs to feel the surgery so maybe he will self limit. I have stopped giving him the sedative and cut the pain pills in half. Really, does a 60 pound dog need 60 mg of codeine twice a day? Last night my hopes of him self limiting were dimmed a little when he jumped and put his front paws on the fence and tried to look for a cat (I think there is a cat theme here). I pulled him down and took him inside. When he is in the house he can be offleash because I have closed a bunch of doors so he doesn't have a lot of room and I put up x-pens around the furniture so he can't jump up on it. Well, last night after his cat staring he came in and when I got to my room where he was at he tried to jump over the 3 foot xpen to get onto the bed. I managed to catch him mid air and put him back down, hopefully without injury. I haven't even hit one week and he is already restless. Hopefully the rest of the time passes quicker and more safely.

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