Monday, July 27, 2009

Ready For Ripken's Surgery

I think I am ready for Ripken's knee surgery on Wed. He is having tplo, which is actually sort of like a pao, but for dogs and knees not people and hips. They are fixing the joint by cutting so it fits better and causes less pain. I have two ramps, one for him to get up on the bed and one for the steps in the front. The harness is a great harness by Ruffwear. It was originally designed for search and rescue dogs and is really sturdy with straps in the right places for support, and padding on them. The best part is the handle on the back so when we are walking or going out I can lift him like luggage so he doesn't put too much weight on it. I have exercise pens so I can put them all over the house so he can get up and move around, but not go on any slippery floors or stairs. I have the platforms so I can raise his food and water, and non skid rugs in case he decides to go on the kitchen floor. I am actually more stressed by Ripken's surgery than I was for mine. I have even set up physical therapy for him, and I refused to go for myself. All in all, I am ready. I will take him for a walk and play quite a bit tomorrow since it will be his last day for a few months that he will be allowed to run. He has to be on a leash for everything for a few months and no running. I seriously will be sedating him. I will post again Wednesday when I know how his surgery went.

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oscarsmum said...

Bless him!
Good luck to you both,
Be brave Shelley!!
Kate x