Thursday, July 16, 2009

I Get To Have My Knees Drained

I can't even tell you how excited I am that the swelling has not gone down so now I get to have needles stuck in my knees to have the fluid drained. I have no idea how I can have my hip sawed in half, twice, and have very little swelling or bruising, and no complications, but a little scope to the knees has left me looking like I have been beaten with big pockets of swelling on top of the knee. Yesterday I had a doctor appointment to have some medication I am on checked and she asked me if I was in a safe, non abusive environment. I thought it was a weird question and told her I was fine. When I got home I went to ice and saw how bruised I still am . The doc must have thought I was in an abusive relationship because she kept asking, but I had forgotten I was so bruised. I have a long day today then at 9:15 tomorrow I will get drained then take the rest of the day off work. Hopefully I will feel better after this is done.


TnT said...

Shelley -
It's so ironic that you are having such trouble with the "simpler" surgery. I hope the procedure you have today fixes the problem.

I had to laugh when you talked about the doctor who thought you were being abused. Back when I was skating my partner and I had a bad fall and I had bruises all over my leg and ribs. I went to the doctor later that week when the bruises were in full colorful bloom. The doctor was very concerned that my husband was beating me! I laughed and explained to her that I had fallen on an ice dancing lift. I don't think she really believed me though. Looking back, it was pretty hilarious.

Best wishes for feeling better after your knees are drained today. Terri

marcie said...

Wow Shelley, I hope that the draining procedure works! I cannot believe how much bruising the scopes caused. Is it anything to do with having them both done at the same time? I agree with Terri that it is ironic you had more trouble with the simpler surgery!!! I will be thinking of you!

Shelley said...

I think the pain, swelling, and bruising had alot to do with having them done at the same time. Had I done one and been on crutches for a few days i don't think I would have had near as many problems. The other factor is knowing that I couldn't do any damage to my knees by overdoing it. After pao you know you can really hurt yourself and ruin the surgery. After a scope for cleaning cartilage you can't do any damage to yourself so I pushed it much harder than I ever would have with my hips and thus the bruising and swelling. I am actually really surprised at how much bruising I still have. My shins still look like I was beaten.

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