Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Hits Just Keep on Coming

As if two hip surgeries, and two knee surgeries for myself, now it is time for my dog Ripken to go in. He has to have the acl surgery, though his acl is not torn. The tibial angle is just too steep and is causing him problems so they are going to cut the head of the tibia down to a more manageable angle. This is going to be rough for both Ripken and me. I am lucky my vet lets me do payments instead of making me pay for all of it up front. When you are facing a $3000 surgery within a year of my 3 surgeries it is kind of hard. I am going to try to get some rest now. I just haven't been able to sleep because I have been so stressed about this whole thing. At least having a date is good, and I have his first physical therapy appointment set up for after surgery. I have non skid mats for my kitchen floor, step stools to put his food and water on so he doesn't have to bend as much (I got little fish non skid things designed for the bathtub to put on his bowls and stools so they don't slide around), a friend to come and build a ramp over the stairs because he can't do stairs for 2 months, and carpet to put on the ramp so he doesn't slide. I think I am all set, but I am sure I'm forgetting something. I will keep researching so I am ready for the surgery.


Jen said...

My dog, Chloe, has had 3 ACL surgeries! It's so hard but she got through them great. I know your dog's surgery is different, but he will do ok. The main thing is restricting them for as long as you have to so they can recover properly. It's hard because dogs are so tough and don't go easy on themselves - we have to make them. Let me know if you need any advice!

Shelley said...

Jen, I will take any advice you can give me. i joined the orthodogs group but they are so busy judging me that i am getting no help there. Which surgery did your dog have? How big is your dog? How did you restrict her? i was going topost to your blog but it is closed so hopefully you get this comment and thanks.