Friday, July 3, 2009

1 Day Post op Knee Surgery

Today is my first day at home after knee surgery yesterday. I had both knees scoped to clean everything out and had a lateral release on at least the right knee, but I think he did it on both. I will find out all of the details when I go in Wednesday for my 1 week post op visit with the doc. I will also get the video of the surgery that day. I asked about having a video and he said he would do it for me so I will be able to see the procedure from inside the knee. I am really not in pain, but very swollen and stiff. You know it is swollen when your knee is bigger than your thigh. The main issue I am having is I can't get one of the holes to stop bleeding. I am supposed to be doing range of motion exercises but every time I bend my knee it bleeds. I have been doing a lot of icing and am trying to rest. My goal is to do this recovery with no painkillers. I was given percocet but it makes me itchy so I don't really want to take it. I might take one tonight though just to help me sleep because I was up and awake a lot overnight. Anyway, that is the update. I will post again tomorrow and hopefully the bleeding will have stopped.

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