Saturday, May 2, 2009

Testing the Hip

The past three days have been quite a test for me and my hip. I had a 4 day dog show to go to and only 3 days ito it I am hurting. There has been so much walking, and when i am not walking I am standing on hard cement. Add to that the chill and dampness and it is the trifecta of pain. The good news is that it doesn't hurt in the joint itself, it is the muscles and screws that are hurting so i know I am okay. I have put on my pajamas and laid in bed as soon as I got home each day because I just can't be on my feet anymore. Last night I even had to take a pain pill and I hate taking them. One more day and the show is over, and tomorrow is a short day so that will help.

The reason I was at the show was for my dog to compete in agility. I obviously was not running him, my trainer was running him. It as a complete disaster and I will post about his exploits tomorrow when I am not so tired. It was definitely an experience. More tomorrow.

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