Saturday, May 30, 2009

Strut Your Mutt Today- Not a Good Idea

Today was Strut Your Mutt and this year I thought I would be okay to do the walk. I took last year off (it was 2 weeks before my rpao) because my hip hurt too much, but I thought since they had been fixed it would be fine. Well, I was wrong. I am really stiff and sore now. I don't have internal hip pain, which would be a bad thing, it is more a general achiness in the left hip that was just fixed. The 4 or 5 mile walk was bad enough, but I had to go up and down a steep grassy hill to get to where I parked, and up and down another even bigger steep grassy hill to the place where we were having our pictures done. The dogs were good during it, though it was kind of a Freaky Friday thing where they switched personalities for the day. My perfect role model dog pulled on the leash the whole time, while my brownie stealing, delinquent, crackhead dog was a perfect gentleman. He didn't pull on the leash, he actually didn't try to get food from people (including the girl with the brownie in one hand that was petting him), and he didn't get testy with the other dogs. Somewhere on the way to the park Ripken's good twin must have changed places with him. The other therapy dog people actually asked me why Ripken doesn't ever come and do special events like Armstrong does. Well, he doesn't do it because he is normally hyper, whiny, and all over the place, but that is not the dog they saw today. My friend joked that the crackhead was in rehab for the day, and that is kind of right. Here is a picture of our Strut Your Mutt team. Unfortunately someone else took this picture and didn't tell me that you can't see Armstrong because he is behind a big newfie. That is Ripken (the dalmatian) that I am reaching down to pet, and Armstrong whose head you can kind of see in front of him.

On a side note, my skin cancer screening also went well. I have something on my cheek that I was told to watch, but that didn't need to be removed yet. I have been outside in the sun my whole life and never used sunscreen as my parents never used it. Now my dad has some minor skin cancers and I have lots of sun damaged skin and a mark to watch. All of the years of lifeguarding and now running pools will eventually catch up, but for now I am good.

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TnT said...

Not sure if that photo was at the end of the day or not, but if so, you were "still standing" despite your hips. Probably not a good idea to walk that far, as you said, but you did it - good for you - and that's a victory.