Friday, May 15, 2009

4 Months Post Pao

Yesterday was officially 4 months post pao and I couldn't be happier with the results. I celebrated the day by golfing 9 holes for the second time this week and then doing an hour on the elliptical. I have no pain anymore at all unless I do something stupid, or do something the muscles aren't used to (like golf.) After each day of golfing I had muscle pain in the groin, but by the next morning it felt fine. I noticed today that I can cross my leg to tie my shoe, which I couldn't do a few weeks ago. My right hip is coming up on a year post pao and that one I can't even tell had anything done to it. I looked in the mirror the other day and couldn't even see the scar over the waistband of my shorts so even that is fading. The big success of the whole yearlong process of reconstructing both hips is that my back pain I have had for many, many years is gone. In college in 93-94 I had to have heat, e-stim, and stretching before every softball practice or game just so I could be functional and not get spasms. Who knew it was all related to my hip issue. I don't think I have anything to try to do that I haven't already done. I have gone skiing (at 12 weeks post op), I have golfed, I am back on the elliptical, and I can walk the dogs. Maybe I am just a freak of nature at recovering, but this has been a really easy healing, even compared to my easy recovery on the first hip. I am so glad I did this, and so glad my surgeon is so great. Now, it is time to finish some work for the day then do another hour on the elliptical before going home to get caught up on all of my tivoed shows. I hate finale weeks because I have so much to catch up on.


TnT said...

Shelley -
How about range of motion? Do you have any flexibility issues in the one-year-old PAO? Can you extend your leg to the front, side, and back?

(Loss of flexibility is my #1 fear ... I know I can get the strength back with work.)

As always, you are an inspiration to all of us! Terri, 6 weeks until RPAO.

Julie said...

Hi Shelley. I found you through the hipwomen group. Sounds like we have a lot in common. I played college softball too, at BYU in 94-97. Where did you play. When did you get diagnosed with hip dysplasia? I just found out yesterday and I am pretty freaked out about all of these surgeries. My first appointment with Dr. Peters is in a couple weeks. It will be good to find out what is going on. My ortho recommended me to him. I'm excited to have found your blog : )

Julie said...

funny...looks like you emailed me about the same time I commented here. Thanks for all of the info!