Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Surgeon is Letting Me Ski!

Today is 12 weeks post pao and the weather is terrible. The weather has been killing me because it just keeps raining and snowing, then gets nice, then rains and snows again. I normally wouldn't care,but A) it hurts when the weather changes and B) I can't ski yet so it is frustrating. Today on a whim I called the doc to ask if I could ski. Snowbird has gotten 2 feet in 2 days, and another 3 feet in the 3 days before that and it is just too tempting to ski. The surgeon shocked me and said I can ski if I don't do any moguls and don't do anything too technical. I am going to go to Alta on Sunday for an hour or so and just do some blue and green runs. I am really excited. The doc did say I would definitely be sore afterwards, but structurally the hip isn't going to get hurt. The bones are grafted for the most part, and the screws are still in and solid so the hip will be fine. I will update Sunday night when I am laying in bed regretting my decision, but at least I will have fun before I regret it.

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Janiels said...

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