Monday, April 20, 2009

I Went Skiing and Tried to Break My Hip

Yesterday was my big ski day and I was so excited to go. I should have known it was going to be a weird day when part of the canyon leading up to Alta was closed because of an avalanche. There is another road that goes around the back of Snowbird that leads to Alta so I was still able to go, but it should have been an omen or something. I said i was going to do either 4 runs or one hour, whichever came first. I was on my fourth run of the day and I was going home after that run when my ski stuck and I fell. The snow was so slushy (it was 55 degrees on the mountain) and that is really hard to ski in. Sometimes the skis "stick" and other times they skid out so it takes a lot of concentration to ski in the slush. I looked up at the trail merge to see if anyone was coming down from the other trail and that was all it took for my skis to go out from under me. The ski on my right side came off, but the ski on my left side, the side that was just fixed 12 weeks ago, stayed on. As I fell the ski stuck while I twisted and I felt and heard about 8 snaps and pops in about half a second. I had to stay down on the ground for a minute or so because my hip hurt so bad. When I finally stood up it hurt so I just stood there for 5 minutes or so waiting for the pain to go away a little bit. After the 5 minutes the pain was gone so I skiied down the hill to the base. That didn't hurt so I said I was going to do one more run so I didn't end my season on a fall. The final run went well and didn't hurt so I was happy.

Unfortunately, when I got ready to go the canyon going down was closed because another avalanche had gone across the road. It was too far down the road to use the back way so I was stuck at Alta. Had I not done the last run I would have made it down before the closure, but instead I had to wait 2 hours for the road to open. At least it was a beautiful day so I sat outside the lodge in the sun with a diet pepsi just enjoying the sun. When the canyon opened, it took 90 minute dot get home when it normally only takes 20 minutes. I live 15 miles from Alta, but the traffic was so backed up and it is only one lane on a windy canyon road so it took forever.

It is now the next morning and I feel really good. I gave the dog a bath last night when I got home so we could go to the hospital today. I wasn't sure if I would feel up to it, but I wanted to bathe him just in case I felt okay. This morning my hip felt the same as it did before I went skiing so obviously I didn't break anything or do anything to the screws. I can't believe I was able to ski 12 weeks post pao, and it didn't hurt. The fall hurt, but the skiing didn't. I think that is progress. Now it is time to get ready to take Armstrong to Primary Children's.

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SHC said...

SO happy you are okay! Hopefully, the pops you hear (and the pain!) was nothing more than some scar tissue adhesions coming "undone".

Good news is you felt okay the next morning, too...even once the endorphines slowed down.

I totally get not ending it with the fall, too!!! =)

Keep pushin! And were only doing what doc said you could!!!

Take Care,