Sunday, April 12, 2009

I Got Rid of My Last Surgery Concession

Today was the day I finally got rid of the last concession to my surgery. I have had temporary fencing up from my back porch to my back yard so I could just open the door to let my dogs out. Normally, I have to put the boys on a leash and walk them out the 25 feet to the yard then I can let them off the leash because the yard is fenced. Before the surgery I had a friend come put up the temporary fencing so I didn't have to worry about the boys pulling me down the stairs on their leashes. Today, at 11 weeks and 3 days I took the fence down (by myself), pulled out all of the surveying stakes that were holding the fence up, rolled up the fence, then put it all under the porch steps. I feel normal again, though I do hate taking them on the leashes to the yard. Just in case all of the lifting and pulling weren't going to make me hurt enough, I also decided to mow the lawn. I haven't used my mower in 6 months so it didn't want to start. It took almost 20 minutes of trying (pulling the cord and twisting wasn't good) before it finally started. The yard looks great, but I can see all of the swelling in my thigh, and the area by my groin is purple from bruising. I don't care though because I no longer am relying on anything but myself and am back to normal in what I can do. Obviously, normal without pain will still take time, but at least I can tell myself I am normal. I still have the handicap tag for the car, which I don't use unless the weather is bad. I use it if it is raining or snowing because I can't run inside, and I can't walk fast enough to not get soaked. I will have to go back and look to see where I am at compared to my last surgery, but I think I am actually ahead of last time. My doc thought that was impossible to recover faster, but to me that was just a challenge so I have to been trying really hard. I guess my competitive spirit has helped so I highly recommend if you are going through this to set goals and compete with yourself to beat them. I will update this when I get a chance to look at my blog from the last surgery.

Update- I just looked at my previous blog posts from the June surgery and the fence timing is actually exactly the same. The weekend of the 11th week it came down both times. What I did see that made me happy is that it was also at 11 weeks that I first could go up the stairs leading with both legs, not just the good one. This time, I was able to lead with both legs at about 8 weeks so I am ahead of schedule. That makes me happy, and usually I am not really happy around Easter. Now I am going to bed and going to watch the movie Milk. I have to see what Sean Penn did to beat Mickey Rourke for the Oscar. I saw The Wrestler and I can't believe anyone could beat Rourke so I am watching the movie to see what Penn did.

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