Friday, April 10, 2009

The Dog Tried to Rip My Leg Off

Today i was sitting on my bed on the computer while my two dalmatians were playing tag. Unfortunately the bed is their "safe" so they run from one side of the house to the other with the bed as the turnaround. Ripken was running full speed when he jumped on the bed and snagged my leg so it got yanked a little to the side. The muscles in the groin are definitely not very happy right now. They got stretched more than they had in quite a while, and it wasn't one of the nice easy stretches. Needless to say, I put an end to their tag game and they are now quietly chewing on their bones. Hopefully the pain goes away before the morning because I have to stand for 2 hours and walk around the pool. I organize an Easter Egg Dive at the pool I run so I have to be there on deck helping out. I know I can't wait to listen to 250 screaming kids while I am hurting. Now if my knees would just stop hurting.

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oscarsmum said...

Shelley, I can almost feel that for you. I hope it has eased a bit today, and you managed the Easter day with the kids ok.
Take it easy,
Kate x