Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Rough Hip Week- 9 Weeks Post Op

It has been a really rough week for my hip this week. Thursday was 9 weeks post op, but I am hurting more this week than a few weeks ago. I think I did too much (it is like a broken record with me, I know). I went back to the hospital on Monday with Armstrong for an hour or so on my feet, kneeling, and standing then went to a bar on Thursday to watch a band I like and was on my feet for 5 hours. In between I worked a full week and bought a new car. The car is nice and I love the fun features on it. With the rain, snow, and cold lately it has been nice to have heated seats. I also have windshield wiper defrosters and side mirror defrosters. There is also a 6 disc changer which will be good for my books on cd I like to listen to. I got it preowned so I got a very good deal on the car, and dropped my car payment from what it was. I am now just trying to recover from my week and I might need to take a pain pill for it. I am really sore and my limp is pretty bad. Tomorrow I don't have anything to do so I think I will stay home and relax all day.

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Brick said...

Take it easy on your self. Glad to hear your getting out and about, that's great for the mind and spirit.