Thursday, March 12, 2009

Really Sore Last Two Days

I have had to skip the elliptical the last two days becasue I am too sore to do it. Fortunately, it is not my hip that is sore, it is my calf muscle that I pulled. It is actually making me walk with a worse limp. People think my hip is bad, but it is just a muscle. My quad muscle is sore also, but that is normal after exercising again after a layoff. The good news of the last couple of days is that I am now able to walk up stairs like a normal person instead of always leading with my good leg. I was also able to get rid of the shower bench today. I was worried about standing on one leg while I shaved, but my hip was really strong and didn't hurt at all. I can't believe how good I am for just 7 weeks post pao. I hope by tomorrow I will be able to exercise again, and this time I will try to take it a little easier instead of pushing myself so hard that I get sore.

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Anonymous said...

Again I say .... easy, easy, easy. It takes a while for atropied muscles to get back to where they were and the knee to acclimate to new positionings that it is getting from the hip. Take things at a slow bell and this one will be just as good as the other one which already went through all this "conditioning". Canada