Monday, March 9, 2009

First Day Back to the Elliptical Machine

Today I decided to go back to the elliptical machine. The doc told me on Wed that I could startusing it, but I wasn't feeling well so I put it off. Today I finally feel better so I bit the bullet and did it. I was hoping to do 10 minutes, but I felt really good so I ended up doing 30 minutes. Occasionally the muscles felt like they were freezing up, but each time it lasted only 10 or 15 seconds so I kept going. I am sure I wil be feeling iffy tonight, but it was definitely worth it to exercise again and get my muscles working. When I got home and was standing outside with the dogs my hamstrings started to quiver, but that has also gone away since then. I really do feel good, and I have one big milestone left and that is to get rid of the bench in my shower. I think by next week I should feel good enough to get rid of it. As it is, I am only using it when I wash my legs because standing on one leg is still not working so next week I should be done. I am just so thrilled with my recovery and how well I have healed.

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