Monday, March 23, 2009

Armstrong was Back to Work Today

Today was the first day since before my surgery that Armstrong and I went back to Primary Children's to work. He is a therapy dog in the cancer and bone marrow transplant unit and he is very well loved there. It has been about 3 months since we visited (the 8+ weeks since surgery and the weeks before surgery where I we didn't go so I didn't get sick from the kids.) He was so excited when I pulled his vest out of the closet and was prancing around. He gets so spoiled at the hospital so he just loves going. As soon as we got up to the cancer floor he pulled me to the pharmacy dept. 3 months and he still knows the pharmacy gives him treats when he comes in. After pulling him (reluctantly) away from pharmacy we went to visit the kids. It was so nice to see new faces, as that means our regular kids have gone home and are feeling better. That is at least what I tell myself, I use denial all the time to deal with these young kids dying. Our last patient of the day, after another swing through pharmacy for Armstrong, was a little 2 year old girl who saw another dog a couple of days before but was scared of it. We went in and she just couldn't resist a real dalmatian in her room so she came up and petted him. She even gave him some cheerios and wasn't afraid. That always makes me feel good when we can make a little kid's day just a little bit better. It was a good day, but I kept it short in case I started to hurt later.

I now just finished doing 10 miles in 30 minutes on the stationary bike at a level 7 so i am pretty proud of myself. The other thing I am proud of is that I went shopping because all of my shorts and pants are too big for me. I have been losing weight since last November when I originally hurt my hip. My goal was to lose weight so the joint wouldn't have to work as hard. I have been pretty successful, though this week has not been very good (stupid girl scout cookies). I have now gone down another pant size. That is 4 pant sizes, counting in two's in women's sizing. In men's sizes, yes I wear men's shorts all the time, I have gone down 6 inches in the waist size, and could go down another one but I hate clothes that actually fit. I wear everything baggy, but it is time to go down a size when I need a belt to hold the pants up. I have also had to get a new belt because the one I used in March I ran out of holes on. I am feeling pretty proud of myself today, even if my hip is hurting quite a bit. The weather is killing me. I just don't know how it can be 74 degrees on Saturday, 60 on Sunday early afternoon, and snowing at 10:00 that night. I now have 4 inches of snow in my yard and that is just not right, and it is not good for my hardware. Hopefully it warms up again soon.

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