Thursday, March 19, 2009

8 Weeks Post Pao- Hit some Golf Balls

Today is my 8 weeks post pao, and in general I am feeling good. My biggest issue is how tired I feel a lot of the time, but that may be a different problem than my surgery. I had thyroid cancer so I take a thyroid med daily and if I forget I can get tired. It could also be that I am doing too much too soon. With that said, today I hit some golf balls and felt okay. I decided that since I haven't golfed in almost 10 years, I want to take it up again. I quit because I moved to a place where it was to expensive and my back really started to hurt. Since my first pao was done my back is feeling so much better so I thought I would take up golf again. Today was the day I went to buy some clubs. I got a really good deal on a set of Top Flite XL clubs, which apparently are made by Calloway now. Before buying the clubs I had to try them out so into the indoor range I went with club in hand. All total, I hit maybe 30 balls, and felt okay until about number 25. At that point I got a little sore. It wasn't really painful, I could just feel the hip and feel that surgery was only 2 months ago. I did hit really well for not swinging a club in 10 years and just having surgery. I now have 2 weeks until I am officially allowed to golf according to my doc. I think I will try to take it easy the rest of the day, but I may do some easy biking.

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