Friday, February 20, 2009

A Setback Day- I am Stupid

Today I am going to stay in bed all day and rest. I was stupid yesterday and steam cleaned my living room carpet and it really hurt. I probably could have waited, but one of the dogs was sick and threw up so there were a couple of places that needed cleaning. I put it off as long as I could, but I just can't handle looking at a stain like that without cleaning it. I bought a steam cleaner a year or so ago just for that reason. Cleaning on crutches though is not easy, and especially when I have to bend over and really push down on the cleaner to get the stain out. Just running the cleaner will clean most stuff, but to get the staining out you really have to push down on the cleaner to get the stuff deep down. The bending, pushing, and twisting at the same time was not the best thing for a recovering hip. The funny thing is that the joint is not what hurt, but the area right above the scar at the waist. I think it was the muscles where they were cut that hurt, but I don't know for sure. I took a pain pill at 6pm and another at midnight so I am staying in bed and trying to rest/ sleep off all those pills. I am really sensitive to meds and felt completely drugged this morning when I woke up so I went back to bed. It is now noon and I am still feeling sluggish. I also don't want to drive if I feel this way because it is stupid. Now, it is back to sleep.

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