Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pool Rehab Day 1

Today was day one of my pool rehab and I had mixed results. My goal was to do 30 minutes of water walking in the deep water. When I got in the pool it felt really good so I started my walking. Keep in mind when Isay walking, what it really is is putting my leg through the walking motion without actually trying to push hard or propel myself. All of the propelling is from my arms with my legs literally just going through the motions. After what I thought was about 15 minutes I looked at the clock and it had only been 5 minutes so I re adjusted my goal for the day. I couldn't believe how tired, stiff and sore I was after only 5 minutes. I ended up doing about 20 minutes, but it was tough. Towards the end I could feel my hip clicking a little bit, but I don't know if it was the muscles around the hip or if it was actually the bone. When I got out of the pool I was definitley stiff, but not in pain. Now, 2 hours after getting out, my quad muscles are a little sore so I know the movement helped. I am not in pain, just stiff and really tired. I am about to get in the shower and go to bed for a nice nap. I will be in the pool again tomorrow so we will see how long I am able to go. I know I am making my hip stronger and staving off the atrophy and that is what makes me keep trying to do stuff. Now, it is bedtime.

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Good call on the atropy