Sunday, February 15, 2009

Feeling Too Good- This Isn't Normal

Today is 3 weeks and 3 days post pao and I feel way too good. I actually tried to go up the steps today leading with the wrong foot because I forgot which hip was done. At this point, I no longer have to grab my leg to lift it into bed, I don't have to hold my leg getting out of the car, and I can put all 50% weight on my leg without any pain. I am a little freaked out because it is not normal, even for me, to feel this good less than a month after my surgery. I am having to make a concentrated effort to hold myself back so I don't do anything to hurt the hip or bend the screws. I promise I won't do anything my doc says I can't do, but I think I am going to call on Tuesday to ask again about riding a bike on the days I can't get to the pool. I think my bones are healing fairly well so maybe the biking will be allowed. If not, I will hold off until my 6 week appointment with x rays. I don't want to ruin the surgery so I will follow directions.


Anonymous said...

Even if you mean a stationary bike, it is as easy to fall(or get knocked) off one as it is to get on one. It's good to see that you are healing well, but baby steps, baby steps .... Canada

oscarsmum said...

You constantly amaze me with how well you do and what a positive attitude you have. It must be hard to stay within the restrictions when you feel so good, but its good to hear you are being sensible and not pushing things too much. Hope it continues to go so well.