Thursday, February 19, 2009

4 Weeks Post Pao

Today is the one month point of my recovery from my pao surgery. I am doing really well and can't believe how smooth the recovery has been (excet the whole blood clot scare thing). I am going to ride the stationary bike today for the first time so we will see how I feel tomorrow at this time. Only 13 more days until I am off of my crutches so I am trying to get as strong as possible going into my appointment with the surgeon so I am able to ditch them for good. Except for walking, I can't really thin of anything I can't do. I am able to lay on the operated side for a few minutes at a time which was my last real milestone. I am no longer having to lift my leg up with my hands to get into bed, or to get into the car. While I am standing, I can lift my leg up so the knee is abot at 90 degrees so the muscles are getting healed. At this point, I feel pretty well healed and am just waiting for some more strength and the ability to walk. The doc say I am his poster child for this surgery so that makes me happy and makes me feel better about what I am able to do. Now, it is just getting ready for walking.

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