Wednesday, February 11, 2009

3 Weeks Post Op- Pool Rehab Tomorrow

Tomorrow is 3 weeks since my left pao and I am actually ahead of schedule compared to my right hip. I have actually gone to work 2 days in a row, and 3 days total this week. All in al, I feel good and feel like I have turned the corner on my recovery. On Monday I finally started to feel like I was healing instead of feeling like my hip had just been cut in half (which it basically had). Today, the steri strips that went on last week when the staples were removed finally came off (with some help from me- I swear the nurse glued them on because they were really stuck on and hurt pulling them off). Once the strips were off I could see that the incision is completely closed so I get to start deep water walking in the pool tomorrow. I am so excited because that means I am in the home stretch of this surgery and recovery. Three weeks from today I am off crutches and I can't tell you how excited I am by that. Another exciting highlight- I finally got to ditch the ted hose today. I hate those things. I was going to do a list of what I can do at this point of my recovery, but it is easier to say what I can't do. Really I can do anything and everything I want except walking and sleeping on my operated side. I am thinking the op side sleeping will come sometime this week, but I can wait. I am finally able to put the 50% weight on my operated side. Until Monday, it hurt too much to put much weight on it, but I think the bones are healed enough so I am not getting the sharp pains when I try. I am ow relearning my walking motion, and the pool will help with that as well. Honestly, I feel really good. I think my surgeon is a god to be able to do what he did and have me recover as fast as I have. I am 3 weeks post op and the only thing I can't do is walk, and that is amazing. I have even stopped needing a painkiller at night so I am 100% off of pills, except for the aspirin for clotting. Well, that is the latest update and I am ecstatic to be where I am. Now, that may change after the pool tomorrow because I know I will be hurting. I already told work I would not be in for a couple of days until my body adjusts to rehab. Their response was I shouldn't be in now so any time I work is a bonus. My boss jokes with people that I only had surgery like 30 minutes ago and I am already back. He sent me a really nice email about my work ethic and my ability to recover. I guess I am a little strange on the recovery process, but it is better to heal quick and painless as opposed to how this recovery is supposed to go. The doc says I am an inspiration for his patients going into this. He actually tells them about me when they are discussing the surgery to show them what is possible. That makes me feel proud of myself. Well, until tomorrow...

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