Wednesday, February 4, 2009

2 Week Post Op Doc Visit

Today I went to see the doc's physician assistant to have my staples removed. The PA has been with the surgeon for a long time and was in on both of my surgeries so she knows what is going on. She walked in the room and asked if I feel as good after this one as I did after my last hip. When I told her yes she just started to laugh. Apparently I am an amazing healer with a good pain tolerance. She thought this one would be worse because usually the second one is, but I feel good. Once the staples came out I feel even better than I did before. I can't tell you how uncomfortable the staples are. I can get in the pool to start rehab once the incision is healed, which will be another week or so, but now I can shower without having to cover the incision which is a huge relief. I cannot ride the recumbent bike, or any bike until my 6 week xrays so until the pool I am out of luck for doing anything.

I did get some good pics of the before and after on the hip they just fixed. The before is obviously the one without all of the hardware in it. You can see the ball quite a bit out of socket and how it just doesn't fit.

Now, on the after xray you can see how they rotated and fixed the socket so the ball fits better in it.

The little marks on the side of the xray are all of the staples that they put in the skin. Just thought I would share some pics because I think they are fascinating.

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