Monday, February 2, 2009

11 Days Post Op- A Busy Day

So today is 11 days post op and I felt really good when I woke up this morning so I decided to go to a meeting that was scheduled for work. Originally I didn't think I would be up to going, but I did anyway. I sat through an hour of worthless meeting (I should have just stayed home), then went to the store. I needed to get milk and the person who drove me to the meeting would be able to carry it into the house for me so that was nice. Also, we made a side trip to Noodles and Company which made the entire day worthwhile. Just in case I hadn't already overdone it for the day, I got home and put the seat covers on the car seats because Ripken had agility class and he would have to be in the car. Then off we went to agility class, and Ripken did really well at not pulling me on the leash. Dave, my dog trainer, has been running Ripken since the first surgery in June so I just had to bring the dog and sit and watch. Ripken had a good listening day, and is sleeping now. To top off the day, I really needed to change my sheets and forgot to ask my friend to hep me when she was here so I did it by myslef. It was a little hard because the bed is king size and against a wall so I had top crawl across the bed. The good part of it is I realized I can roll over so maybe tonight I may be able to roll onto my side for a few minutes. Anyway, I took a painkiller 30 minutes ago and it is kicking in so it is time for bed. I know I will be sore tomorrow (and tonight) so I am allowing myself to take a pill if needed, but I did go for 15 hours today without one and felt fine. I think I will stay home and relax in the recliner tomorrow so I am ready and not in pain for the doc on Wed. Yay, my staples come out in less than 2 days! Well, off to bed.

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-D. said...

Ok, my first reaction in reading your post from today is "Shelley you are nuts!" I can't believe everything you did in one day. I changed my king size sheets not too long after my RPAO, and that alone kicked my butt. I am glad to hear you plan on taking it easy tomorrow. I don't want to hear about you taking up rollerblading this week or anything crazy like that!