Friday, January 16, 2009

Surgery is Back On

Today I got word that all the insurance papers have been signed and my pre authorization is approved for surgery on Thursday. I talked to the contracts department yesterday (that is the dept that I was told had the insurance form that needed to be signed) and they said they didn't have the form. The guy I talked to was really helpful and gave me the number of a person in the other contracts dept. Apparently the contracts dept for the docs is different than the contracts dept for the hospital. well, the person was gone for the day yesterday when i tried to call so I tried again first thing this morning. The guy at the new dept also couldn't find the form and nobody knew where it was. Getting an insurance form signed is much easier when the form is not lost. The guy this morning asked me for the name and phone number of the insurance woman so he could call her and get a new form sent as well as talk to her about the claim itself. I called him back around 1:00 because I hadn't heard anything yet and he told me his coworker was dealing wiht it so he would ask her and callme back. Not even 5 minutes later he called and said that the form was at the docs and they had given permission for the doc to sign it and Jodi at the docs office was taking care of it now. I called Jodi and she said that she had the form and the doc was going to sign it today. With Monday being a holiday the form would get faxed in no later than Tues morning, but that it was done and finalized so my surgery ison and finalized. I told Jodi about the runaround at the hospital and all of the people in contracts I talked to and she said it was pretty impressive getting the form done and signed so quick. All in all, I am proud of myself for getting this done, even if it means I had to make a pain of myself to the hospital and insurance. I am happy at least that I can relax and know my surgery is on instead of stressing about it.

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MIRI said...

Hi Shelley!
nice reading your blog :-). I'm too need a PAO surgery and looking for a surgeon abroad..
who performed your PAO surgery??