Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Last Day of Work

Today is my last day of work before I go in for my surgery on Thursday. I have been trying to remember everything I need to do before I go, but I am sure I have forgotten something. The flu I was fighting is gone so health wise I am ready, which has been a big relief. I have been on the phone all day with my doc's office and the insurance company trying to get my pre-auth done for my surgery. The doc submitted the stuff last week ( I don't know why they waited so long) but the insurance didn't tell them until this week they need more info. I found out today that the insurance is saying they don't know what the surgery is and needs more details about the surgery itself even though they approved and paid for the same surgery in June. The nurse in my doc's office called them this afternoon and explained it is the same surgery so I think the pre-auth is done now. When I called the insurance said they just took all of my records for the surgery in June and copied them for the description of this surgery. That is the downside of having a new surgery- the insurance doesn't ever see it and the surgery doesn't show up in their system. Well, unless I hear differently I am planning on mysurgery on Thursday. I will update again before I go in.

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TnT said...

Which insurance company are you dealing with?

Hope it gets taken care of so you can focus on a successful surgery. Thinking positive thoughts for you!