Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I Have Been Postponed

I am not a happy camper today- my surgery has been postponed a week. I am now scheduled for Jan 22nd. The insurance company and docs office are blaming each other for the issue, but what it boils down to is the surgery is not a listed surgery so the ins co had to get a better idea of the surgery and the billing. The docs office sent a request for what they want reimbursed and the ins co agreed to it, but they need to get the forme signed agreeing that the hospital and surgeon will take the requested and agreed upon amount. The ins isn't fighting how much it is or anything, they just need the agreement signed. Because the hospital is the University of Utah which is state run, the docs office can't sign the form and it has to go to the contracts dept. The ins was waiting to get the signed form back and said once it is signed they will have the approval in 10 minutes and I could go into surgery the next day. Well, the contracts people were not answering the phone so the med assistant had to cancel me because she didn't know if and when it would be signed and she needed to fill the surgery spot. I am not happy, but I will try again tomorrow with the ins and the contracts so I don't get postponed again. I will post again when I get my final approval.


Brick said...

ARGH! I can't even image how frustrated you are right now, but I can relate. I have my fingers crossed all works out soon, hang in there.

Cass said...

So sorry! I kind of know how you feel. My first surgery was moved back a week; my second was moved up a week. Such a hard thing to deal with mentally. The only thing you can do is be upset in the moment and then dust yourself off and re-prepare. Best of luck,

Abner & Jennie said...

That's lame! They did changed my date around like 4 times and it ended up being over a week past my original date.. but you know, I told myself to enjoy the freedom as much as possible. As much as you want to get it overwith, enjoy the extra time. Still trying to schedule PAO #2. Hope all gets resolved quickly :)