Tuesday, January 27, 2009

5 Days Post Op

Well, today is 5 days post op and I am doing well. Last night was a rough night, but today has gonemuch better. I went 12 hours without needing painkillers yesterday so that is definitely a good thing. I took a pill at about 4pm becasue I was getting a little sore. After a nap (the pills knock me out) I watched some tv and relaxed. I was ready for bed around 8 and took a pill. Well, around midnight I woke up in so much pain. It wasn't pain in the hip, just a pain from having to lay in the same position. My heels are bruised from being in the same position for so long so I have to put a pillow under my leg to keep the heel off the bed. Well, the pillow I was using was too big and that wasn't helping. I took a pill and tried moving to the couch, then the recliner, then a new position in bed. By 1am I was still hurting and couldn't get comfy so I had to take another pill. I don't know if it helped the pain or not, but it knocked me out cold so at least I was able to sleep. I woke up at about 10 am and felt so much better. I hate that I had to take so many pills, but I guess if I am only taking about 4 pills a day, as opposed to the 1-3 pills every 3-6 hours that was prescribed(I can't even imagine taking 2 pills a day) it is not so bad. After my 1 am pill, I didn't take another one until about 3 this afteroon so I am proud of myself. I have had friends coming to check on me today so that has been nice. I showered today then changed the dressing on the incision. The incision looks really good, and the dressing will stay on until I get my staples out next week. I may change it again a couple of times, but the dressing actually feels good to have on becasue it covers the staples so they don't snag on each other or on my clothes. That was really apinful last time so this time fels better.

The dogs came home today and they are wiped out. I love the Dog Lodge where they were kenneled since Wednesday. The boys played with about 20 dogs 12 hours a day for the last 6 days so they are tired. They also seem to know that I am hurting so they are modifying how they act around me. Armstrong, who normally lays on me, is laying next to my bad leg, but about 6 inches from it so he isn't touching it. Ripken, who I didn't think would know or understand, came up to me and sniffed the incision and is now staying away. He normally jumps up and down to be fed, and jumps on me in bed to go outside. Today after my nap he stood by the bed and didn't jump up at all, even when I started to get up myself. Maybe he is growing up. We'll see if that nesfound good behavior will last or is just the product or being exhausted.

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