Saturday, December 20, 2008

Feeling Better and Armstrong at Barnes and Noble

Well, I am now less than 4 weeks from surgery and feeling a little better. I have hit the 25 pound lost mark since my June surgery and am trying for another 5 before I go back in. The down side to losing weight like Ihave been is my iron coubnt is dropping. I was supposed to give blood this Monday, but I was told I have to wait until next Monday becasue I am too low to recover in a week. I gave blood this past Monday and was so wiped out I couldn't even function. I felt well enough from my virus to give blood, but the recovery has been rough.

Today I went to Barnes and Noble with Armstrong for 2 hours to lure people to our therapy dog table for gift wrapping. Wherever Armstrong goes he has a crowd all over him. I know he is a stunning dog, but even I was surprised how everyone complemented me on him. At this point, I think he thinks his name is beautiful because when he hears that he turns around to the person who said it. There was an 11 week old baby there that the dad knelt down with and Armstrong loved him. The baby just smiled and pointed at him, then reached out to pet Armstrong. I am now exhausted (I just finished 40 minutes on the elliptical) so I am heading home. I am sure Armstrong is still sleeping off his mass groping so if I can just get Ripken calm it may be an early night for all of us. I can at least hope.

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