Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I Went Skiing- 5 Months Post Op

On Sunday, 5 months and 4 days post pao surgery, I went skiing. My surgeon told me at my 9 week check up that I could ski this winter and I loved that, however everybody around me thought the doc was crazy or drunk when he said that. I just saw him last week for my 5 month post op so I asked hinm again if I could ski and he said yes. Apparently my bones are completely healed so there is nothing, including falling, could hurt my hip. So off I went on Sunday to Alta. They do a ski free after 3 program, which is perfect for me because I didn't want to pay for a lift pass only to learn it hurt too much to ski. I started with a nice, easy green run and when that didn't hurt at all, I did all blues and blacks the rest of the afternoon. I did bout 8 runs total and was surprised when i didn't hurt afterwards. I took some advil when i got home as a precaution and dreaded the next morning and the pain I was sure would come. Well, Monday morning comes and still no pain. I felt normal for the first time in almost a year since all of my hip issues started. Now I just have the left hip to look forward to, and more skiing until then.


TnT said...

Shelley - First, congratulations on skiing, what an accomplishment!

I have to ask ... how did your operated side quad muscles do? Did you feel weak on that side or experience range of motion issues while skiing? Did you feel "gimpy"??

I am asking because I dread any major problems post PAO with my quads. I know it will take time to rebuild them, but I hope to get them back fully some day. I'm a figure skater and I depend on those muscles!

Thanks, Terri

TnT said...

Shelley - Thanks for your reply. I've been trying to find someone who is an athlete and skater or former skater - because I'm guessing that my outcome may be similar because those same muscles have been built up over time.

I'm very muscular too and Dr. Mayo thinks that's why it took me until my 40's to feel any pain from my dysplasia. Of course, I could never do a spread eagle on ice although I could certainly rotate ... and now I finally know why.

I'll keep reading about your progress, your second surgery, and your speedy recovery. Terri