Wednesday, November 12, 2008

5 Month Post Op Visit

Today was my 5 month check in with my surgeon and it went really well. My bones show they are completely healed so at this point I can do no more damage so I have no restrictions. I asked him about skiing again since nobody believed he said I can ski and he said I am fine and skiing is allowed. I asked him if I can ski this weekend and he said yes because the bones are good. He still doesn't want any pounding on the joint so I am still limited in running (which is good because I hate running), but I can do the elliptical all I want. He then got xrays of my left hip and we talked about the next surgery. The left hip (the one coming up) is a little worse, angle wise than the right hip and the socket is a little shallower, but he said he expects the same results. He said the way the joint is positioned I definitely would be looking at a replacement in 5-7 years if I don't fix this soon. By doing the surgery now I may be able to prevent any replacement in the future and actually save the joint so it is worth going through this again. All in all, I am doing exceptionally well and just have to get ready for the next surgery in January. In about a month I will begin donating blood to myself for the surgery so that is the real kickoff of pre-surgery. Now, it is time to hit the slopes.

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Cass said...

Even though it was hard for me emotionally to go through a second surgery so soon after, it's been a blessing. I remembered all my tricks that took awhile to learn the first time around, and that's helped enormously. Good for you, and congrats on your fantastic progress!