Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Thigh Pain is Getting Better

I went to the doc on Wednesday to try to figure out what the oain is that I have been getting. I saw his PA and she said that it is probably blood from the surgery that had pooled in the muscle starting to try to form scar tissue and stick between the muscle layers. She sent me to PT to try to break up the stuff that is forming and it is starting to feel a little better. I like the PT because it only involves heat, massage, ultrasound and stretching so i don't have to do any of the exercises that I could do at home. I have gone twice so far and I will go twice next week then I should be done. During the massage I can feel the knot like area when they go over it which is a little weird. I have a lot of walking to do next week so I have to be better by then.
Now, on to Armstrong. He has to have yet another bladder surgery on Tuesday. He had stone surgery in October, replumbing in Feb, and now this. This should eb the last one though because the replumbing is working, the stone in him is just left over from before the last surgery. They don't go into the bladder in the replumbing so they didn't know the stone was there. I now have to get a different dog sitting schedule becasue he can't go to the Dog Lodge right after surgery, he needs a week or so to heal before he goes. I think I have it worked out now, but I am still worried. At least it is Armstrong and he is an easy dog to take care of. I will post again before I leave for Balt.

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