Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I Have a Date

So, I now have a date for my next hip to be done. I will have a left PAO surgery on Jan 15th, just about 7 months after my right hip was done. The right hip actually feels really good, but is very stiff right now and my thigh hurts a lot. I have been at a conference for the past week so I have been walking around DC for a couple of days, and Baltimore since then so my hip is feeling the extra work. The good news is that the hip itself feels great, just the thigh where the blood is pooling hurts. Anyway, now I have a countdown to start for my next surgery and all of the preparations to make. At least I know what to expect this time around.

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Anonymous said...

Just go easy on it and it wil beeter with each day. Don't push it like your father does.