Thursday, September 18, 2008

New Pains and a Milestone

Well, I am now 3 and a half months post surgery and all in all I am doing great. I am able to use the elliptical machine and that has helped rebuild some of the muscle I lost. I have no pain at all in my hip, but the muscles are another story. My quad muscles feel like someone has pounded on them with a bat. They fell bruised to the touch and every step I take I feel them. I think it is the muscles rebuilding and the damaged nerves regenerating that is causing the pain, but I am not sure. My friends all tell me my limp is gone most iof the time. Sometimes, like yesterday, I get a little sore so my limp comes back slightly, but in general it is gone. I did reach a milestone in my recovery, and I think it is thanks to the elliptical machine. I can now go up stairs leading with my repaired leg. I was finally able to do that about 10 days ago and now I do it all the time. If I am carrying anything I still have to lead with my good leg the whole time because I am not strong enough yet with any extra weight. Also, since surgery I have lost almost 20 pounds so that is helping a lot with the recovery. I hope to lose anohter 20 before I have the next hip done in Feb (or sometime close to Feb). I will find out the exact date when I see the surgeon again in November fo rmy follow up. Anyway, that is all that is new. I leave for Baltimore 3 weeks from today so I am excited to see everyone. I will be going to a conference while I am there, but it should be a fun trip anyway.


the girl said...

Any weight loss secrets? Or were you just not hungry most of the time because of the meds?

Congrats on the achievements!

Shelley said...

My main secret for after surgery was not being able to carry any food anywhere. If I wanted to eat I had to eat standing by the fridge so it limited me. Also, is an excellent help. It has calories for almost all foods including restaurants and tells you how many cals you can eat each day to lose weight.