Sunday, September 28, 2008

I See The Doc On Wednesday

So, I have an appointment with the surgeons PA on Wednesday at 10:20 to figure out the leg thing. I am still having a lot of pain in my quad muscle and it is making me limp which I don't like. Hopefully the PA will know what it is and is not a big deal. Maybe it is a muscular issue and completely unrelated to my hip. I have been exercising a lot lately so maybe that is it, though my other leg doesn't hurt at all. I just did the elliptical machine for 30 minutes and the muscle doesn't hurt at all when i am doing it. It seems like it only hurts when I get the jarring involved inputting my foot on the ground to step. Anyway, I will know more on Wed.
Now, about Armstrong. The urinary issues are not an infection so it is more than likely another stone. He is going to finish the antibiotics this week then we will decide what we are doing next. The vet wants to know exactly what is going on before he goes into his bladder again so he will more than likely have at least one more test before surgery is decided on. I am supposed to call the vet agin on Thurs or Friday so we will see what is up then. Well, I am exhausted so i am going home to nap. I will post agin on Wed after the doctor visit.

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