Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Bad Day

Well, today is not a good day for me and my pain. I am only 11 weeks post surgery, but I feel so good that I think I can do anything. Yesterday I decided to take down the temporary fence that a friend installed. It was put up to make it easier for me to take the dogs out after my surgery. My back door does not go into the back yard so the fence was installed from my back porsc to the yard so I could jusdt open the door and let the boys out instead of taking them up and down the porch stairs on a leash. I thought I was ready, but I am not so sure now. I took all of the chain link fencing down, rolled it up and put it under my porch (to be used again soon), then had to pull out all of the metal construction/ surveying stakes that were used as the posts. I don't klnow if it was the bending over to roll the fence, lifting it into place, or trying to yank the posts out, but I am hurting now. Last night I could barely walk it hurt so bad, but at least I have a bunch of the painkillers left over that I was sent home with so I took one. Today I am feeling better, but I am definitely hurting more than I have in several weeks. Of course, it didn't help that the first time I took the boys out on their leashes they tried to drag me down the stairs then pulled me into the backyard. When they did that I was getting sharp pains in the muscles around my hip. Now, they are going out on their short leashes so they can't pull with as much power as they do with the flexi leashes. I guess I can't always have good days and it is good that I was reminded that I do still have things I shouldn't be doing. I forget that sometimes. Well, I have to go and do some more last minute stuff to get ready for my big doggie day at the pool next weekend.

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