Friday, August 15, 2008

9 Week Post Op- No More Restrictions!

Well, except for running. I saw the surgeon on Wednesday and he was really happy with where I am at recovery-wise. The xray showed the bone is completely healed where they cut and put the screws in. You can't even see the line anymore where it was cut, just screws going across the bone. He said my walking looks great, though with a very slight limp (I was really concentrating on not limping while I was there). I actually do have a limp that is obvious if I am not concentrating, or if I have done too much. He wasn't even mad that I took myself off the crutches- he said the way the bone looks I could have come off at 5 weeks and not done any damage, but I waited until 7 because I didn't know. I asked if I can ski this winter and he said yes. I can't even believe he is going to let me ski. He said if I asked to go skiing next week he would say no, but in November when the season starts I can ski.
Now the bad news. My left hip is beginning to bother me, he said probably from the added pressure from the crutches and the new walking pattern. I go in for my 6 month xray in Nov (actually 5 months) so we can see how strong the operated side is and schedule the left hip for the same surgery. It will be probably be done around Feb. so I won't have to pay anything. I have met my out of pocket expenses for the year, and my plan year starts over April 1st. If I get it done in Feb it will save me close to $2500 so that is the plan. Well, all in all, I am doing as good as any patient he has ever had. He was surprised how well I am doing for being only 9 weeks, then his resident reminded him that I was the one crutching around the nurses station the day after surgery (apparently that is just not ever done). He said he remebers hearing that and now my walking and wanting to ski made sense to him. Hopefully the next hip goes just as well.

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