Saturday, August 2, 2008

7 weeks post op- I am doing well

So, I hit the 7 week mark and am doing really well. I am still using 2 crutches to walk anywhere except in the house, but I am using only 1 crutch in the house. I am surprised that my hip doesn't hurt more when I am on 1 crutch. If I am only going 4 or 5 steps I will do it without any crutches. If I walk slowly and take small steps, walking without crutches doesn't hurt too much. At night it begins to ache a little, but it doesn't feel like the joint that is aching as much as the muscles around it. The water therapy is still going well, and I have begun to walk in chest deep water in the pool, as well as doing the deep water jogging. My goal is to see the surgeon on Aug. 13th and be strong enough that he tells me I can completely ditch the crutches. All in all, I am doing well. Except the slight ache in the evening and after therapy, there are times I forget that I had this surgery done. I actually tried to sit cross legged last night because I forgot that I couldn't do it. I guess it is a good sign that I am doing so well that I think I can do anything.

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