Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Small Setback

Well, yesterday I learned that I probably will not be going to one crutch on the 24th like I thought. Originally the surgeons PA told me that at 6 weeks I could go to one crutch, then when I see the surgeon on Aug 13th (1 day shy of 9 weeks) he would decide if I can go off crutches completely. What I forgot to ask when I saw her is about my thyroid meds, and the fact that my endocrinologist keeps me hyperthyroid, which tends to cause bone density issues. I called and asked the med assistant yesterday about that (my endo reminded me) she said because of the thyroid stuff I can't go off crutches until I see the surgeon or his pa and have an xray done to see how the healing is coming. The surgeon, by the way, is out of town until the 13th of Aug when my appointment is so he is out for the xray. I am supposed to call on Mon or Tues of next week to see if I can get in with the pa at the end of next week or early the following week. I am so disappointed, but it could be much worse, I could actually have pain or othr complications. On a positive note, the med assistant said I am her superstar patient, and they are using my recovery as an example for all of his new patients. She said they haven't had anybody do as well, or do as much post surgery as I have so I am doing well. Now, it is on to the pool for more rehab.

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