Saturday, July 5, 2008

3 weeks and a milestone

Hi all. Well, I had a milestone last night- I finally managed to lay on my side and sleep. I can still feel the hip pulling, and I can feel one of my screws going into my skin, but I still slept. I can't even tell you how excited I am about that because sleeping on my back every night was really starting to hurt. On a side note, I am doing well. The hip itself is starting to hurt a little inside the joint, but I think it is because it is healing. It kind of feels like when you sprain an ankle, then try to walk. It is stiff at first when you stand up, then you can just feel it pulling and stretching everything. That is what my hip feels like- it is really stiff when I stand up so I have to stand in one place for a second to try to stretch everything. Then when I walk I can feel how stiff it is. I guess as far as pain goes I have been lucky. I am just tired of being on crutches and annoyed by the stiffness. Oh well, I am still doing better than most.

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