Monday, June 16, 2008

trying to do too much

Well, today is my first full day home from the hospital and it has gone okay. I did way too much yesterday and was feeling it this morning. My hip is really sore and stiff so I have been taking it easy today. I did shower for the first time today and that felt really good. It is amazing how much a good hot shower can make you feel. I managed to keep the incision relatively dry, but if anyone has any suggestions for me I will try it. I get my staples out on the 25th so it needs to stay dry until then. Well, back to bed for me and back to healing. I will update again tomorrow.

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THall said...

Sounds like the surgery went well--so glad you are able to get around on your own..that is half the battle--just listen to the drs and what you are suppose to be doing and all will work out fine!!

Love-Chris, Theresa & Michael