Thursday, June 19, 2008

A new pain- 1 week post surgery

Well, I am getting some new pains, but I think that they have probably been there the whole time, but with some of the muscular pain going away I can feel the new pains. This new pain runs down the middle of the butt cheek on the surgical side. I think it may be related to the fact that I can only sit and lay down in one position so that area is flaring up. Also, when I get in and out of bed my leg has to dangle a little so I can feel the stretching inside the joint and it feels weird. It doesn't feel like it is doing anything bad, but I can feel it. I am also still dealing with a lot of swelling. I am icing several times a day and that seems to help, but after icing the swelling comes back. As far as the pain goes, I am doing really well. It hasn't been unbearable, and I am on schedule to be off of them completely by the end of today. The worst pain I get is when I get up from sleeping and my leg and hip are really stiff. Also, my arms are getting sore from the crutches, and my palms are getting blisters from them. That is about all that is new. All in all, this has still been much better than I was expecting.

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MY PAO STORY said...

The swelling, pains, aches..... will all get better! It will just take some time. I wore my husbands boxer shorts for the first 2-3 weeks home - to fit my enormous hip!