Saturday, June 28, 2008

My uncle Dave

Well, it is with sadness that today is the memorial service for my uncle Dave. He passed away last Saturday after a long battle with cancer. He beat it for longer than anybody expected, but cancer always wins eventually. Dave was such a great uncle and I will miss him terribly. We didn't see each other very much because the family is all spread out, but I always enjoyed when we did get to visit. He loved animals almost as much as I do, and his dog Ruffie (who passed away quite a few years ago) is still one of the best dogs I ever knew. Please give positive thoughts to my aunt Sylvia who lost her mom only about 3 weeks before losing her husband. I know she is really hurting right now, but also that she knows both passings were for the best and relieved a lot of suffering. I am honored to know that Dave will be interred at Arlington National Cemetary, as my dad will when he passes. I wish I could be out in DC with the rest of the family, but it is too soon after surgery to go. I just wanted to post a farewell to Dave and tell him I will miss him.

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