Sunday, June 15, 2008

home from hospital

Well, I am home from the hospital from the surgery. I was in for 3 nights and it wasn't too bad. I had an epidural in until Sat. morning so that took care of all of my pain. I never used my morphine drip, and only started taking prcocet Sat after the epidural was removed. The incision is much larger that I was expecting. It is 10-1r inches long and runs from my lower waist down into my thigh 6 inches or so below the panty line. I am feeling so much better than I could ever have expected. I knew I have a good pain tolerance, but the nurses, pt's and nurses aids kept saying are you sure you had pao. Apparently most pao surgeries do not get up and walk around, and I was out walking around the nurses station Friday afternoon. I am able to get in and out of bed by myself and carry some stuff. I even unpacked my hospital bag all by myself. The dogs have been great and know to stay away from my leg. My friends that brought me home and the friend that watched the dogs thought they would jump on me, but Armstrong came up to me in bad, sniffed my leg and just laid next to me. We didn't want to take any chances with Ripken though soi he got a strong sedative to keep him calm. He will go stay at with the dog trainer tomorrow until Saturday so that will be nice. Well, I just thought I would update everyone. I just can't believe how good I am feeling and how much I am able to do already. I will keep you posted.

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