Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Day of rest

Well, today was my big rest day. I started to ice every 2 hours or so on the thigh area, and have only gotten out of bed to go to the bathroom and take the dog out. I am actually feeling okay now so I think most of the pain from yesterday was overuse. Now I know that I have to take it easy so I don't set myself back on healing. I thought if I pushed myself it would get stronger fatser, but all it did was make me hurt worse. I go see the doc and ave my staples removed on the 25th, bt I don't know if they will xray me then or not to check progress. If not then, I go see the doc 4 weeks after that and I know they will do x rays then. The hardest part for me has been asking for help, but I know I need to do it. Armstrong gets confused because nobody ever comes to visit, then in the last few days a bunch of people have come to check in and do stuff for me. Oh, and my reservations are made so I will be in Baltimore at least from Oct 13-19, but I can go early or stay longer, my job just will not pay for the hotel for that time. They will pay for the flight for whenever I want to travel so that is good. Well, the Celtics are on so I better go. I will update again tomorrow.

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