Wednesday, June 25, 2008

2 week post op visit

Well, today was my first check up post surgery and it went well. The PA for the doc was the one who saw me and removed my staples. We then talked about what restrictions I have and the fact that pain can't be my guide for what I can do. I have no pain at all right now, except my butt from sitting around so much. The pa just looked at me like I was crazy and didn't know what to say to me. She said she has never had anybody not have pain so she didn't know what to do. She said I need to use common sense, and that bending the screws is the one thing that will ruin the surgery so I need to be careful.
I am on crutches until 6 weeks, then one crutch or a cane until 8 weeks when I see the surgeon for an xray for bone healing. My only restrictions are no more than 50% weight on my leg until 6 weeks, no driving for 4 weeks, and no jacking my leg around in weird directions. I am allowed to bend down to pick stuff up, bend over to shower and shave my legs (though I do that on a shower seat for balance), and I don't have to wear the hose anymore. All in all, I am happy with how I am doing. It was just so funny seeing the pa's face when she heard I have no pain, and my only complaint was a heat rash from the hose. I will add pics of the post op x rays somewhere on this blog, and will update again soon.


Anonymous said...

Go very very easy. I'll get back to you after I get back from DC. Glad to hear vthe staple removal went well but DON'T OVERDO IT! I'll send your regards and concern to the family members. Burl

Anonymous said...

BTW .. for those dropping in. Her favorite uncle just passed away in DC and she is itching to get out there. No Way! .... signed, her father

Anonymous said...

Wow that's great you're not having any discomfort..and what a sexy scar they left u with-HA!!
Love Ya-Chris Theresa & Michael

Aunt Sarah said...

Shelley - Just checking in on your progress before I leave for DC tomorrow morning. Will pick up Cindy in Livermore & we arranged to fly out together so that will be fun. Also good to get together with the fam - altho' for a sad reason rather than the great wedding event we had together in March. And you will be missed. So glad to hear that things are going so well post-op. You are one tough chick, that is for sure, and are very motivated to get better. That's all good, but you have also seen the effects of pushing too hard too fast too soon, so slow down, keep in touch with your body when it warns you. I can tell right now you are going to be a real success story. Keep up the positive attitude and you'll be off those crutches before you know it.
Take care
your Auntie Sarah

Shaffer Clan said...

Glad your doing great. We miss you at the Dell. Take it easy though.