Thursday, June 5, 2008

1 week left

So I am in the home stretch of getting ready for surgery. I go in next week and am so relieved it is finally here. I am still working on having someone watch the dogs for me, but I think that may be taken care of. I have to go to the store this weekend to stock up on stuff I will need in my non-driving time so nobody has to do it for me. I have been told differing things on how long the surgery takes, but it should be between 90 minutes and 4.5 hours depending on what they find when they get in the joint.This weekend Ripken and I will do our last agility competition before I go in and he has to take some time off. I hope he does well, but with him you never know. Once I am able to drive again Ripken will be able to go back to class and compete with my trainer. Ripken needs the structure of the classes and agility so the trainer has agreed to work with him and enter him in events. On a side note, the therapists at the residential treatment facility where Ripken works are nominating him for the AKC therapy dog of the year. What he does is so different so I am glad that is being recognized. I am nominating Armstrong myself because we see so many different staff people it would be hard for one of them to be able to sum up what Armstrong does. Hopefully one of my boys will win. Well, I will post again after this weekend to let you all know how Ripken did and how I am feeling that close to surgery.

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