Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Friend is back from Iraq

I know this post has nothing to do with my blog, but I am so excited. One of my friends is home from Iraq after his second tour. He si a medic, and was working at one of the prisons over there. He said it was horrible, and I am sure I will get some awful stories from there. On the same topic, because of our wonderful president being in Salt Lake overnight, his troop cannot fly in to come home until tomorrow night at midnight. He is sitting at a base in Texas waiting to come home, and signed all of his papers yesterday. Now, the families and kids of all of the troops coming home won't be able to get the welcome they deserve because it is so late at night. Many of their families will have a tough time being there also because of how far away thet live and their small kids. Sorry for the rant, but it is yet another thing our esteemed leader has done to not be supportive of our troops. You would think he would at least get them here early so he can use them as a phto op. Anyway, at least my friend is home safe and sound, and is done with the guard.

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